Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The DSTV bug and the Nigerian Fashion Week 2011

Cable tv is doing wonders in Nigeria. I hear it's responsible for the gazillion Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal fans living in Nigeria. Some of those who couldn't jump on the football fan club wagon caught the MTV/E!/Style Network bug and a few of the ballsy ones with 'creative streaks' in them decided to show at the Nigerian Fashion Week 2011.

The Show was themed 'going green' and in line with that, the designers were expected to create outfits out of recycled or earth friendly materials and goodness!!!! all of the designers sent loads of garbage down the runway especially Monu Monu. She sent models out twice wearing the same outfit, her idea of recycling maybe? There was the voodoo queen outfit (shown here) I will never comprehend and her closing garmet was the most horrifying wedding gown, just like the voodoo queen one, only far worse and in white. I should have got a photographer but sadly, he showed up at the end of the show.

Next on my list of terrible designers, Modela!!! His was basically a blast from the past collection, I think he got inspiration from the pre slave era, made outfits out of raffia, some material from a few of his old trousers and other ugly materials and was in such a hurry to send his collection down he forgot to iron the cloth pieces. His models looked sad!

Frank Osodi who should have been and started out as a breathe of fresh air ended up sendin down a very bla collection and a wedding dress was his closing garment, I thought that was supposed to be the killer outfit, it killed me bad! Worse than the wedding dress was the way the model strutted down the runway. She seemed like she was preparing to get on a boxing ring!

It was a good show all in all, there were celebrities to point at, Uti Nwachukwu, who's now an award winning musician, fashion pieces that looked like an awful copy cat episode of Project Runway Season 1 Episode 1 and an opportunity to walk the red carpet :D