Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Snag a man (1)

In parts of the world that experience all four seasons, statistics show that more men are snagged up when the sun is out, Savannah and John from Dear John, Sandy and Danny from Grease, the two lovers from The Notebook and tons more. Why's that? More skin is on show! See men, they are so sexually oriented, they like bare legs, cleavage, sexy abs, fine behinds. I like to think 98% of men have sex on their minds when they move up to say hi to a lady, the other 2% accidentally bump into you and while they are apologising, realize how hot you are and ask you on a couple of dates.

Nigeria experiences blazing heat all year round, we should be raining men, we should get hit on every hour we spend outdoors, however, we are wearing too many jeans and hiding our hot legs, wearing waistcoats over long sleeve dresses, pashminas over strapless and sweetheart necklines hiding every hint of shoulders and cleavage *sigh*  Ladies! we need to uncover up, sometimes a pair of jeans and a top won't do. Stop wearing them to the beach and rolling it up.Be sexy, wear something hot,Whip out your mini skirts from hiding or shop some, find denim shorts or shorten an old pair, show some cleavage and see how many men hit on you. Don't be too worried about unwanted men hitting on you, Kim Kardashian gets stalked and hit on by lowly men, many of us earn way less than 100k and want a collection of Chanel purses and sunglasses, so let them hit on you, in a twisted way, it's good medicine for your ego. All the girls featured here, they have blokes!
Be sure to accessorize with sunglasses, cute sandals, purses, belts, bracelets, a cute puppy and maybe a car