Monday, 30 April 2012

Slut pride

 For a few weeks now CNN has been following a rape case in South Africa involving a mentally impaired 17 year old girl raped by 7 men aged 13- 19. They recorded their despicable acts and in a matter of days the video had gone viral, almost every student in the secondary schools around Soweto had a copy. During an interview with her mother, she stated that this wasn't the first case she had reported to social workers, apparently, she had been lured into a thick bush by a man who promised her apples but raped her instead months before this time.

CNN helped spark some global rage and in a matter of days Nigerian radio stations were talking about it and mostly focused on how to prevent rape. There were many suggestions from the outright silly, wearing panties that had 'I am HIV positive' and telling the rapist you had HIV just to scare him off to kick boxing inspired moves, kicking the rapist in his groin area.

A random study showed that more rape cases are reported on university campuses so they try to organize rape seminars frequently where they talk about preventing, reporting and what to do after a rape incident.
At one of these seminars in January 2011 organized by York University Toronto, Canada a police officer, Michael Sanguinetti suggested that to avoid rape girls should avoid "dressing like sluts". Women and men across the city erupted in protest marches to remind everyone that blaming sexual violence on the victim for wearing provocative clothing is ignorant and dangerous . The turn out was massive, 'slut walkers' as they are now known were carrying placards that read "My dress does not mean yes", "sluts pay taxes" and "Slut pride"

                                                  Slut walk Toronto
 After a successful walk in Toronto, other Canadian and American cities took to the streets ( there are plans to move to Sweden, India and South Africa), and these were more daring than the first walk with girls (and even the men) showing up in revealing outfits!
                                                         Slut walk New York

You can check their website for more details and to see if there's a slut walk in a town near you.

What are your thoughts on these protests? Do you think they have a point? What are your thoughts on having this walk in Lagos?

Friday, 16 March 2012

Blah week

I have felt very blah and ghostly this week! I'm seeing cockroaches and lizards everywhere, spelling wrongly; I was doing some work for the firms career site and typed "ow to right a resume"

I thought getting a haircut may shake things up, it did for a day till somebody at work decided to christen me and the haircut 'Baba Fryo"

Today, I feel like being a trophy wife, a real housewife of Atlanta, one of those pple that make money just sitting by the pool, drinking expensive wine *sigh*

Monday, 27 February 2012

Hafstat's Birthday Pictures are here!!!!!

I had passed the Friday night before Hafsat's birthday at hers and realized after I got to work that I left my make up at home :( so I planned to disappear anytime we had to take a photo, but she invited her photographer friend over and the rest of the story,  find in the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                              Early birds
                                                     I'm not such an addict :p

                                                         Not my date
                                                 Cracking one of my many jokes I suppose?

                                               The samosas were lush! Finished too quick though :(

                                                      Tope, me, Nkechi and birthday girl :D

                                                       BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!!!!!

                                                Believe or not, I had no make up on!
                                              Preparing to do what I understand

                                              We looove to eat!

                                                   Dessert made me blush!

                                               I love this picture of Hafsy and her Boo
                                         Me and Joko ( the amazing photographer) showing off our necklaces
                                        me, Joko, Hafsy, Cassandra *wink*, Farida, Nkechi and Tope
                                                         My well fed and satisfied smile

Have a great week guys xxx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Hafsat's Birthday Drama

Tough year to be a Nigerian isn't it? With the petrol subsidy removal and the hike in price of goods and services!

On to witty blog news..... Hafsat, my friend that won't leave me alone was 25 on 7th January. We had a late lunch at this beautiful, little steak restaurant, Orela on Awolowo road, Ikoyi to celebrate with her. As expected, it was a little crowd of some unfamiliar faces so we decided to take turns to introduce ourselves and say very briefly how long we have been friends with Hafsat.
                                                                    Birthday girl!

3 of us had known Hafsat the longest, since our QC days and were giggling away when this guy (someone already whispered to us he was from a wealthy family) brought our mini party to an abrupt pause. His girlfriend had done a poor job socializing so he decided to help her make a few friends and started out with us, her old school mates!
"Oh really, you went to QC? I thought you looked oddly familiar! When did you graduate? What arm were you in? Were you are boarder or day girl? What house were you in?"  The questions kept pouring in, boyfriend felt accomplished and left girlfriend to handle her new found stardom which she seemed to be enjoying till her tongue slipped! She answered one of our questions so wrongly, we knew she had to be lying! But she wasn't going down without a fight, argued for a few minutes till she finally gave up and refused to answer any further questions. Boyfriend looked traumatized! Way to find out his chic had been lying about her secondary education! She just put him through the most mortifying experience ever plus he was got an inkling  she was just after his money! He stormed out fuming while we had the laugh of our lives!Us girls sha! Was that lie really necessary or even smart?? Oh well....we've got to put human hair on our heads!