Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Hi guys!!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful christmas???

I just had to share this mail from Giuliana Rancic's FFF blog! It's basically her thoughts, ideas on everything you need to do before that special new year's eve midnight kiss and I found it quite hilarious!!

What do you know you could get a few tips too

Enjoy xxx

This Magic Moment

Secrets for the perfect New Year’s Eve midnight kiss

The Perfect New Year's Eve Kiss
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5…

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. And while I love all the lights, the glitter, the bubbly, and the sparkly dresses, what I am really waiting for is that perfect midnight kiss.

You know the kind…think the upside down Spidey smooch, the right side up Titanic kiss, and maybe best of all, the rain-soaked Notebook lip lock.

Of course nothing can ruin the moment more than cracked, dry, totally un-kissable lips. And bad breath will mean the kiss of death, rather than the kiss of a lifetime! (Unless of course we’re talking about the Ghost kiss or the Twilight kiss — I’m not sure ghosts or vamps care about that stuff.)

Luckily, kissing is my middle name. OK that’s a lie, and it actually sounds kinda slutty, but I do have a pretty decent amount of kissing experience with my adorable hubs, Bill. So to make the midnight moment perfect, check out my tips for the perfect kiss.

Exfoliate: Rub your lips with a washcloth every time you take a shower or bath. You’ll get rid of rough, dead cells, leaving you with a perfect pout!

Moisturize: Use lip balm in the morning and at night under your regular lip gloss or lipstick. I am ub-sessed with Nivea’s A Kiss of Milk and Honey. I always keep one in my handbag, one in my makeup drawer at home, and one in my shower (just kidding…kinda).

Brush: Make sure to brush your entire mouth, including a good tongue scrub, followed by a rinse with a potent minty mouthwash.

Avoid: On the big night, forgo the garlic and onions at dinner. Yes, they are both delish, but you’re getting your mouth ready for the big kiss.

Chew: Grab a piece of gum 20 minutes before midnight and get chewing. I love Orbit White Gum. It’s so yummy and fresh.

Lose the gooey gloss: Guys hate overly gooey gloss that gets everywhere and can ruin the moment. Instead, opt for a bright red or pink lipstick. Sure, some guys claim they don’t like it, but on New Year’s Eve a little smeared red lipstick on your guy is sure to make him feel like a stud!

Go slow: There’s nothing worse than a messy, rushed kiss. So go slow and enjoy the moment!

Happy New Year!

xx, G

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Man Talk, Woman Talk

Man Talk, woman talk, a play by Ola Rotimi showed at the Terrakulture gallery in Lagos on Sunday. I saw the play and i'm not playing, that has to count as one of 2011's best experiences!!

Set in a courtroom, the play focused on two young adults debating sex stereotypes created by the society before a very hilarious judge, who swung from man to woman view as long as anyone of them spoke better, more complicated english, and the jury. Different issues were brought to life from female student sleeping with lecturers for higher exam scores, wearing fake hair and bleaching to men with their "hamlet complex" embezzling funds to keep a swarm of girls eyeing their fancy lifestyle.

They were very many funny moments, the man at some point described women as empty heads, in not so simple vocabulary, in response she talked about men's brains being in the wrong position and permanently upside down, at that point the judge left to use the bathroom, but changed his mind as he got to the door for fear of losing some brain cells... There was also the part where the man described women as devoid of emotions and tried to compare them with inanimate objects but ran out examples! Another really funny bit was when the judge's son bounced into the courtroom, sweaty and dressed in fitted sportswear to present the results of a research that may aid the debate, the look of disdain on the judge's face was side-splitting! Choice of words, from describing men as "perfumed liars with insecticide tongues" to her belief that men had evolved "from glorified homosapiens to he-goats" made her male counterpart shiver and got the audience laughing. I'm not being biased but the woman did a good job defending her gender, especially when the guy called all women prostitutes, she made him eat his words!

Long story short, it was a fabulous production and now I know seeing a stage play is a way better date idea than seeing a movie!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Cape Verde 2012!!!!!!!!!!

Hello me lovelies!

After I got "all that cash" from registering Nigerians for the April 2011 elections, I decided going on an all expense paid by me vacation was next on my life list. I searched for a nice, refreshingly different place where a Nigerian passport would guarantee me hassle free entry. A year, few months after and all of the inspiration cash gone, CAPE VERDE is that place!!!

Cape verde is an island country about 570km off the coast of western Africa, look at a world map to spot its sexy location!
Mindelo, Capital city of Sao vincente, one of the islands was voted one of Africa's 10 cosmopolitan cities.
P.S: Lagos is not on that list.
                                                Mindelo, Sao Vincente

Santa Maria in Sal another island in Cape verde is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, chalk white sand, clear blue seas and no beach thugs!!

Plenty of water sports, music carnivals to attend in August, go fishing and catch sharks, learn Portuguese, scuba and deep sea diving, plus there are opportunities to see and learn more about loggerhead turtles on night time turtle excursions, (just like in Greece) and loads more to do!

                                                   Catch fish this big in Sal!!!

I'm making plans for a visit in August, we'll go via Dakar that houses the world famous Glacier Nice where you'll have one of the world's best ice cream, and the African Rennaissance Monument, taller than the statue of liberty, as there are no direct flights to Cape Verde from Lagos.

The music festival!!!!

                                                       The Santa Maria Pier in Sal

                                                 This is a hotel we could possibly camp at in Mindelo, Casa Colonial
                                             View from a hotel we could stay at in Sal.

        The hotel is self catering, complementary breakfast and houses on of the best Indian restaurants

So tell your friends to tell their friends!!! The more, the merrier, cheaper when we are more too :)