Friday, 2 December 2011

Cape Verde 2012!!!!!!!!!!

Hello me lovelies!

After I got "all that cash" from registering Nigerians for the April 2011 elections, I decided going on an all expense paid by me vacation was next on my life list. I searched for a nice, refreshingly different place where a Nigerian passport would guarantee me hassle free entry. A year, few months after and all of the inspiration cash gone, CAPE VERDE is that place!!!

Cape verde is an island country about 570km off the coast of western Africa, look at a world map to spot its sexy location!
Mindelo, Capital city of Sao vincente, one of the islands was voted one of Africa's 10 cosmopolitan cities.
P.S: Lagos is not on that list.
                                                Mindelo, Sao Vincente

Santa Maria in Sal another island in Cape verde is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, chalk white sand, clear blue seas and no beach thugs!!

Plenty of water sports, music carnivals to attend in August, go fishing and catch sharks, learn Portuguese, scuba and deep sea diving, plus there are opportunities to see and learn more about loggerhead turtles on night time turtle excursions, (just like in Greece) and loads more to do!

                                                   Catch fish this big in Sal!!!

I'm making plans for a visit in August, we'll go via Dakar that houses the world famous Glacier Nice where you'll have one of the world's best ice cream, and the African Rennaissance Monument, taller than the statue of liberty, as there are no direct flights to Cape Verde from Lagos.

The music festival!!!!

                                                       The Santa Maria Pier in Sal

                                                 This is a hotel we could possibly camp at in Mindelo, Casa Colonial
                                             View from a hotel we could stay at in Sal.

        The hotel is self catering, complementary breakfast and houses on of the best Indian restaurants

So tell your friends to tell their friends!!! The more, the merrier, cheaper when we are more too :)


  1. WOW!!
    I seriously hope&pray I can save enough cash...and actually go for this trip. :D
    P.S. Lagos is getting there :$

  2. omachi george14/12/11 3:14 pm

    hey dear!
    I am sooo interested!
    Pls inbox me Hw much we looking at!

  3. I wonder how much Cape Verde Ministry of Tourism paid you for this. ok ok...i was joking. Nice to know.
    Nice write up too.


  4. Nope didn't get paid. :)
    I'll mail you details omachi x

  5. Very nice photos, I'm sure you had fun!

  6. Oh! We haven't been there yet. We are going!