Monday, 27 February 2012

Hafstat's Birthday Pictures are here!!!!!

I had passed the Friday night before Hafsat's birthday at hers and realized after I got to work that I left my make up at home :( so I planned to disappear anytime we had to take a photo, but she invited her photographer friend over and the rest of the story,  find in the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                              Early birds
                                                     I'm not such an addict :p

                                                         Not my date
                                                 Cracking one of my many jokes I suppose?

                                               The samosas were lush! Finished too quick though :(

                                                      Tope, me, Nkechi and birthday girl :D

                                                       BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!!!!!!

                                                Believe or not, I had no make up on!
                                              Preparing to do what I understand

                                              We looove to eat!

                                                   Dessert made me blush!

                                               I love this picture of Hafsy and her Boo
                                         Me and Joko ( the amazing photographer) showing off our necklaces
                                        me, Joko, Hafsy, Cassandra *wink*, Farida, Nkechi and Tope
                                                         My well fed and satisfied smile

Have a great week guys xxx


  1. lol @ not my date, that purple jacket though......beautiful people by the way. Bless.