Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Its Fela and a pair of harems

HR service centre decided to attend the Fela broadway concert for their team bonding. I almost died of envy after I heard. The sad/bitter look on my face must have been so  convincing the HR manager invited me. Elated doesn't quite describe how I felt. In my head, I picked out my outfit, my new pair of black harems, blue t shirt, skinny belt and skin flats. I didn't even bother with trying my outfit, I just knew it would work.

Wednesday morning, in my mind I looked like Gwen Stefani on a stylish tour break and I had not even worn jewelry or make up and I looked this hot??

Walk into the office and everyone is asking me JAMB questions,"what's the idea behind the outfit?", "why do you like oversized pants" bla bla! Even though I look like it, my confidence is not at its peak  and I hope one cute guy realizes how great my bum looks in a pair of black harems.

I hope it's a fantastic show too xxxx


  1. Two questions:
    1) What's the Fela broadway concert?
    2) What are harems?


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  3. IMO they simply are not fashionable PERIOD how was the Fela though? does he truly live?

  4. the show was fantastic! fantastic doesn't quite describe it>> you should watch it.
    harems and the fela show will be a long lecture. i will find you on twitter and tell you everything