Friday, 29 April 2011

Yoruba-d boys

My mum and her brother were in a terrible argument once and she concluded he was a bastard! I was beyond shocked! A whole 'Jesus is Lord' believing woman. Either she felt guilty or saw the need to educate the shock on my face, she explained bastard really meant saddist not the child without parents definition I knew it as.

Yoruba ex boyfriends/lovers especially the ones that break up with you or act mean so you have no choice but to end the relationship fit this 'bastard' description.

When they are new, they'll meet eleven of the ten things you want in a man, they know the perfect date spots, have the perfect words for every depressive state you may go through, they are always almost the next best things.

Somehow there's a misunderstanding, you try to find out what went wrong so you can fix but as yoro is done, the relationship ends. You are miserable for days/weeks/months, after sometime things are going good, you manage to dress your emotions to health and looking forward to either a bubbly single life or a dreamy relationship.

Then one fine day, 8 months after break up, you're tracing your brows for the date you just scored and your phone rings, text message 'hey babe, what's up? I realize now that us breaking up was a mistake. I miss you terribly. Can we hook up sometime?' That's how he lets you know you're not over him. He won't just let you move on! Fucking bastard!!!

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  1. you are just on point!!!whether your mom's definition or the right definition, it is what it is, fucking bastards!!!