Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Snag a Man (2) : Science Saves Singletons!

Humans are a very fascinating species to observe! We are experts at disrupting and complicating nature's blueprints, spend our lives trying to fix what we have messed up and when we get lucky, come to a conclusion that mankind is a smart, one of a kind specie, rught!!

Take the process of hooking up for instance, it was meant to be as it was with Adam and Eve!I like to think God gave everyone a "bone of your bones" detector, finding your correct spouse should never have been a chore! It should have played out this way:

(Man playing with whatever has got his attention at the moment)
God: Poor man! He's lonely. He needs a companion (goes ahead to miraculously bring a woman forth wearing nothing too fancy and open man's eyes and whispers to him, "this is the bone of your bones")
Man: (drops toy) Wowage! Let's get married and make babies!
Woman: Okay!

Easy like that!
Enter the new millenium and what do you have? Fashion and Beauty 2.0! Brazillian hairs, lipglosses, mini skirts, and six packs have thrown us off course. we have almost lost our God hearing ability as far as finding a mate is concerned and every beautiful human is a potential mate. Take the compulsive human need to fix stuff we ruined into consideration, and we have concerned family members, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows and loads of other dating agencies that promise a cinderella ending.
Apparently, these agencies have started going downhill as only recently one of the Bachelor's broke up with the wife he found on the show after not so long.
So welcome the new way to find a soulmate- DNA testing!!! Carrie Seim, a single writer looking for her soulmate tried out this new dating service that matches couples based on genetic compability! Sounds wacky?! No! This is what God did with Adam. Anyway, amongst the men tested was a cute doctor who was found to be a great biological match so they started to date and they have been dating for so long and still as smitten as they were when they first met!

Didn't we just manage to replay the Adam and Eve story with lab equipment and clothed humans?


  1. DNA testing, genetic compability what happened to guy meets girl, guy likes girl, girl likes guy back, guy toasts girl, girl agrees and they are a couple.

  2. honey that's played out!

  3. hilarious @lanre don't u know that routine doesn't exactly work again?i think i need to try this DNA thingy out cos i'm so game hehehehe

  4. cool topic, nyc view abisi...

  5. You are game for DNA testing??? Pray to God oh jare!