Friday, 17 June 2011

The New Breed of Bleachers

With Rihanna and Beyonce topping the bleachers chart, bleaching has become the in beauty trend. Every beauty shop in Lagos has a corner laboratory, stocked with a few mixing bowls, spoons, a spatula, a small table, a couple of jars of lotion and serums and the chemist tending to women who aren't quite pleased with their skin tones. Gone are the days when bleachers were tagged 'asewos" and "omo oshis", these days all kinds of women, from the really fair ones that make you realize how insatiable women are to the very dark ones that leave you wondering how many years of treatment would get her looking like her Beyonce target, walk very proudly into a Lagos lab for their very special skin treatment, the ones who feel posh about it do Makari and the others. If it hurts your skin so bad, there's Mac, Iman and Fashion Fair foundations and concealers to help out. So this isn't quite blog news.

But have you seen the new breed of bleachers?? They are called Men! They now have dressers topped with Fair and White serums! At least, he does it in his bedroom, and when you ask why he's fairer he says he's tasting the good life. The scary one was the young man I saw walk nicely into the store where I do my beauty shopping for a chemist appointment! Like wharahell!!! I was just recovering from my visual shock when I saw a photo of Jay Z!!! Obviously, Madam B's been giving him tips, but I really wonder, did all these people know Michael Jackson????

Oh! And where do I put Alao Akala's burnt story?


  1. rotflmfao abeg i'm in the office

  2. LOL. Nice one. on point. those guys have got it coming soon....the spotting and the ebony knuckles.