Monday, 22 August 2011

The Crazy Human Jungle

I overheard a conversation between two girls at a salon the last time I was there. Apparently, one of them was constantly exchanging text messages and phone conversations with a certain guy she had never met and she had grown quite fond of him. They eventually made plans to hook up and she decided,to put awkward moments at a minimum? calm her nerves? whatever her reasons were, to bring a friend along. By the end of the date, the Mr had completely lost interest in her and was in total awe of the "handbag". As you rudely imagined, they exchanged numbers and started a face-to-face relationship soon after. Bitch! Snitch! Snake! Witch! Wow!

I have been in a similar situation myself. I got a call from a random dude, he met one of my friends and asked to take her out and she gave him my phone number instead. I was in my second year in Uni and somehow failed to snag a guy during the "October rush" so I was quite excited and determined to pin this one down. I was very nice, tried to sound sweet and hot on the phone, bought new lipglosses and hip hugging jeans in preparation for our first meet. Convo went well and lasted long. Finally, the day came. I was filled with nervous excitement and could not wait to introduce him to my world of friends. I wore my jeans, lipglossed my lips and asked two of my friends to come with me. We kept calling, trying to get a central location/ identify ourselves and what not, then I finally saw him. He wasn't that fine but had a really good body. With a huge smile on my face, leading my pack of 3, I sashayed towards him and introduced myself. He smiles back, pulled me towards him and whispered "who are your friends?" so I did a quick introduction. After he got their names, he cut me off the party!!!!!! Like completely ignored and totally forgot I was there. I couldn't even be mad. I was drained, no energy to display emotions. I left, not like my absence was noticed, for the nearest car mirror, gave a good look at myself then walked to my hostel and cooked some lies up about the guy having the most horrible breathe ever!

I still cannot come to terms with why he did that. I console myself with my size, as my two friends are fuller than I am, but why did he not just go with one?

Well I guess it's just how the crazy jungle we live in works!


  1. Wow! Abisi I can't stop laffing @ u "sashaying". Hazards of text-dating rie there! It really is a crazy world & as a rule, "never bring friends on a first date"

  2. There are 2 type of guys..
    Guys that get attracted to smart,humourous, dress-well girls with all ds other soft qualities ofcourse.
    And guys that are not those that look for the meaty, fleshy ones.
    I think we have all had some of this type of experiences, I laugh when I think of mine. Still dont have the guts to talk about it..ok let me try.
    I went all the way to Ikorodu to see this arrangee, bearing gifts, and looking all dandy. After like an hour of roaming a skeletal zanga(not estate, not area)I was so disappointed I didnt call her ever again. Did I mention I was coming from the Island..Its a tip of the eyes berg.
    Another happened, this one came to meet me at my make-shift home in Ikoyi, I didnt not allow her enter the house to introduce her to my eager sister, she wore this white shoe that I can never forget. you know those type you see displayed in a village boutique, yea! I rapidly drove her off to an undisclosable location and the ran away with my legs touching my back!

  3. I dont Know which is funnier Tee's stories or Abiats blogg, but still I think both sides of the story have been well defined.

    Guys be gentlemen dont make it obvious that you dont like her or prefer her companions, Girls and guys in this day and age of FB, BB, Picture exchange do your research well before you get into it, granted face to face can not be replaced by all the modes of communication enumerated above, but at least they will give you a heads up and probably save both or at least one from major dissapointment/embarrassment

  4. Cool post abisi....most tyms I wonda wt kinda world t iz, buh guess sm tinz jst happen to mk d world go round. Most gehs u like don't end up liking u, whereas d ones u dnt like as much, being d ones u like alot...y I put up a mechanism nt to show I like gehs anymre, leavn dem iffy I fil works mre...

  5. Abiat??? Wow!

  6. lawunmikeks24/8/11 12:45 pm

    i understand d urge to go along with a buffer..d fear of those awkward pauses(at list the buffer helps move the conversation along...OR worst case scenario...u mit d guy, he's a total wad BUT on d 'brightside' u git free lunch wit ur pal/buffer...#winning..hehehehe)
    BUT... d trick is 2 go wit a buffer u KNO ur cuter dan or an engaged buffer or even beta..a married

  7. such a funny world it is...even worse is wen ur actually dating the guy and he goes behind hittin on ur Second chances for that really!!!i jst wish it could be as easy as finding the 'EXACT'kinda guy we c in out DREAMS..(the hunky,princess meets prince kinda guy) *Phewwww*

  8. Olawunmi!!!!!!!!!lmaoooooo! you know this *high 5*

  9. lawunmikeks24/8/11 2:23 pm

    i KNO ryt??*adjusts shades wyl sippin on sum apple juice*