Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Good food, Good people and Cafe Licious

Sunday, 12th June 2011, French trained chef Frez, displayed culinary artistry with his special range of pancakes and waffles at Cafe Licious Opebi. The doors opened at 10 a m, and was filled to its capacity with beautiful people who either came to enjoy the pancakes or look at other beautiful people.

There was a whole lot, from the classic cinnamon apple pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream to chocolate and caramelized banana pancakes to pancakes with scrambles eggs spicy BBQ-Chilli sausages and strawberry coulis pancakes. There was even the skinny pancake and mocha option for "calorie counters" and that tasted great.

The wonderful bit? All the goodness plus a smoothie or a hot chocolate came at a maximum of N2500!

The funny bit? I had been wanting an oreo cookie milkshake a long time, and when I got the menu, I was more than excited that I had turned up because it was right there on the menu. I wasted no time ordering it. And then it came and guess what I got? An oreo cookie, cream scrapped off, floating on top of a regular milkshake!!! I had it anyway as I couldn't send it back, but that was the most horrifying oreo cookie milkshake ever! I heard later that the milkshake was a Cafe Licious special not Chef Fregz, very relieving news!

The doors shut at 7 and everyone had a smile on their face, even the 'tourists' had a great time, watching beautiful people eat good food xx


  1. yepa why dnit i go????? and i saw ur broadcast oh. #ilovegoodfood #ilovegoodpeople

  2. hey dear, cool cool cool, love the colours, love the write up, geee, am hungry already! good one .

  3. good question! now I am inviting you for le prtite marche, its at silverbird galleria this month

  4. Guess i missed a great deal..................
    Wish i can have a piece of the action.

  5. *sticking out tongue*
    Told ya