Thursday, 2 June 2011

Of course it sucks that your ex has moved on and left you hunting, but did you know that your ex's next can provide surprising insight to the person you are and the kind of guy you should really be with. I found this article in a little corner of one of my Cosmopolitan magazines and thought I'd be nice and share. Think of it as some sort of compass, steering you to the right man/ relationship.

His new GF: The girl next door
Who she is: She's cute and sweet and all she wants to do is curl up on the couch with him every night
What it says about you:This GF is ideal for a guy who craves routine. Now you have to find a man who won't be threatened when you run off to do something new or who you like enough to take along with you.

His new GF: The wildcard
Who she is: She was voted most likely to become Angelina Jolie in high school (in our context, Funke Akindele)
What it says about you: A man goes this route when he's lost (ahem, Brad Pitt, in our context, the married man Funke Akindele is shagging and trying to marry) and wants a take charge woman, whereas you accepted for who he is. Don't change, just aim for a guy with clear goals

His new GF:The plain Jane
Who she is: Her daily uniform is jeans and a tee and her idea of beauty is a quick shampoo
What it says about you: His bland choic means that your beauty (and brains) intimidated the hell out of him. Its time you dated a guy who is confident enough to feel like your equal

His new GF:The social butterfly
Who she is: She has a bazillion friends on facebook and posts party pics of her and your ex
What it says about you: While you may not need to hang with friends 24/7, your ex thrives on being around people. Your better off dating a dude who looks forward to laying low with you

So there people, men may really not be jerks, you guys were just mismatched
Happy hunting


  1. hmmm... funfacts lolz @funke akindele's example

  2. awww thanks my darlings!

  3. hmmmmmmmmm, i wouldn't be sos ure honey!